When Parr was 8 years old

When Parr was 8 years old, his father bought him a guitar, and he became consumed with replicating songs by artists like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Woody Guthrie. He also frequented the Austin public library, which housed what he calls “the biggest collection of odd folk records,” where he checked out Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music and albums by Charley Patton, then tried to learn the tunes by ear. While he had friends, Parr felt lonely in his passion for music of a different era.

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“Bob is a passionate advocate for the liberal arts,” Gettysburg College President Janet Morgan Riggs, Class of 1977, said in making the announcement on Dec. 17. “As an active member of Gettysburg’s Parents Advisory Board, he has developed an understanding and appreciation for the culture and values of the College.

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